Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-17 21:58:53 (UTC)

March ( 13th & 14TH)

It's been a few days since I've written something I've
been a little busy just trying to get my life back
together, So I finally put the cottage for sale (
actually it goes on the Market next week) I'm meeting my
Real-Estate agent on Sunday. I've also been working out
and watching what I eat. I started dancing again and even
doing a little writing. The last time I saw him (Let's
call him Sweet Buns) anyway I saw him on Sunday he was soo
hung-over and had thrown his back again.

I woke up early got ready and went over with every
intention of being is little nurse and helper. We
watched a movie together and then he got ready and left.
I found out later that night that he went to meet the
woman in Burlington and he spent all afternoon with her,
Meanwhile he told me that he was getting together with the
family for his brother's b-day. He got home at about
midnight he called me. he sounded a little tipsy but not
enough to have been with his brother. they always get
pissed drunk, he also mentioned that he was hungry and he
was about to order some pizza which of course didn't make
any sense to me. I've been to enough of his family
functions to know that you don't go home hungry. So I was
extremely suspicious. We decided to have pizza together
so I got my stuff and went over to spend the night with

Everything seemed ok but I just knew he was lying to me.
I devoted on whether I should confront him about it or jut
keep my mouth quit. I lay in bed for hours thinking about
it and the more I thought about it, the more upset I
became. So I suddenly got up called him a liar and left
at 4am. Drove all the way to Brampton and then was not
able to get into my house. the lock was jammed so I had
to call him back and go back to sleep with him. ( that
sucked) but I woke up early to see his (Ding Dong) nice
and hard and I just couldn't help myself ( another bad
idea) we went to the gym, got ready and went to work but
before that I had to put my 2 cents in and we had a little
argument he told me that he can see and do whatever he
wants that he has no commitment to me and that he doesn't
ask me to see each other. " you just keep coming" he
said. ( Hurtful) but he's right. I wasn't planning on
talking to him for the rest of the day but when I was
leaving work I noticed that I had left my car lights on
all day and of course the battery was dead. So I had to
call him to come and rescue me. He was very sweet about
it and came right away then followed mw for a while to
make sure I was ok. Before he got in his car he asked me
what I was doing for the rest of the night. I told him
that I was going home and he said that he was going to
watch a movie. It sounded like he wanted me to come over
to watch it with him but I think he held back.