Confessions of a Thief
2010-03-17 10:25:49 (UTC)


There seems to be a nagging doubt in the back of mind in
regards to certain things a sixth sense if you will i'm
almost certain that soon my last entry will be made. For as
long as it takes for me to deal with what ever situation it
is that I can smell on the wind I hope it won't be long.
Until such time however I am going to keep doing what I am
doing as im over running whatever happens, happens such is

This will not be a long entry I have been drinking and i'm
talkling to my son on messenger technology it really is a
wonderful thing is it not. I wonder why the world is as
fucked up as is it what with poverty, disease and the plain
old ignorance that persists when we have the capability of
achieving so much as a race of intelligent people.

That view point though I will leave for anither time as I am
going to need all my wits about me to try and illicit
understanding from my words and not a rambling jumble of
pilisophical half truths. Well today did not turn out as I
expected and I just hope my sense are wrong and my life is
allowed to progress along the path it is on. Only time will
tell though and I suppose there is no point worrying about
something that may not even come to pass.