The View From Down Here
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2010-03-17 01:30:48 (UTC)

3-16-10 Spring Break

Well I'm visting my nana for spring break. We are in
Arizona. She has a condo here, a ranch in canada, and a
house in dallas. But she's not rich. Dave is. They're
practcally married but too old to bother. It's better this
time because last year we had my mom's jack-ass boyfriend
causing all sorts of problems and fights. Now we can
actually have fun! Today we went to Out Of Africa. It was
really cool. All the animals there have been resued and
none are trained. They're all in their natural habitat and
most are very friendly. I fed a tiger and some lemurs.
Tomorrow I'm supposed to go get a facial with my mom and
then go swimming at the Kiva Club. Old people villages are
so nice. XD Although I did get pretty burnt today, it
doesn't hurt. It probablt won't hurt tomorrow either. We
flew in sunday and are leaving thursday. Talking to both
Cameron and Ethan still. But odly, it's more Cameron now.
I caught myself thinking about what it will be like when I
see him again. Something tells me I'm going to lose it and
just kiss him outright. Not really my things being so
insecure. :P But something about him ust unravels me. I'm
so happy to see that much of the land around where we've
been is still land. It's not as developed as it is in
Texas. I'm very greatful for that. I keep thinking about
all the problems we have in the modern-day world. I always
think the same thing. We were given what we needed in the
begining. Everything we made was for luxury.All pleasures
have a price, and I think all our illnesses and
complications is our sacrifice. Though not all of us wish
to sacrifice it. We can heal from herbs, feed from
animals, shelter in the trees and caves. We had all we
need. Why make it more complicated? I don't know. Well I
have to go, but I'll get more in depth on this later.