2010-03-16 14:26:35 (UTC)


greg slam hari=ris can do it all on the basketball court.
He knows he could be one of the lucky ones, making it all
the way to the top. But his luck might run out. his grades
arent so hot. histeachers are starting to catch on. and
his temper is always on the verge of exploding.

Slam is really good and he can become a verygood
basketball player. slam goes through alot of stuff like
school and soial life. he has to get his grades back up or
he will miss the big game. and the team might not be able
to win without his beaacse he is the lead scorer on his

but he dose bring his grades up and get to play
then game and they win the game and makes it to the play
offs which they might win beacuse his team is really good.
but i do not know yet because i have not finshed reading
the book