Confessions of a Thief
2010-03-16 06:24:52 (UTC)

A Fresh Start

It's amazing how simple a fresh start sounds a person can
imagine packing up and moving to a new home, in a new place
and start a brand new life. A fresh start can mean so may
things and for me a fresh start means exactly that I can
start again and reinvent myself. Starting from the ground up
everything I do from here on in will be new and everyday I
am going to try to do something new every chance I get.

I may not have much in way of things in fact I have nothing,
but the few meagre belongings I own are mine they are
legitimate and that in itself is new for me. Normally at
this stage upon my release from prison I have reintegrated
into the criminal underworld and secured my place once more
amongst the so called unsavoury types in society. Having
severed all ties with my past except for a few friends who I
doubt I would ever turn my back on I have moved on.

My mind is trying hard to maintain the connection with the
familiar and I am finding it difficult to remain positive
and focused on my goals, but I knew it wasn't going to be
easy. I am confronted everyday with the harsh reality's of
life and I find it hard to grasp the many inequity's a lot
of people face so freely, so willingly. I do not want to
conform to the trend's of accepting that which society in
general have become so complacent with.

I know after having lived most of my life in a certain way
that there is a lot wrong with society and with the system
that is supposed to govern the masses and ensure life gets
better. I do not not see any productive moves towards a
better way of life for the people only a small majority seem
to truly benefit from the hard work of the majority. I guess
that this is what is considered fair and just most have to
struggle just to get by in this world and a few can enjoy
all that life has to offer.

This will be my biggest challenge to over come accepting I
am supposed to struggle and hope that when I am too old to
enjoy life I will be in a position to do it. Seems ironic
that does, by the time I am old enough to retire I will be
an old man with only a few years of life left in me and I
will be able to do all the things I can not do now. I will
try to keep positive and hope one day the world changes
though I strongly doubt this will occur in my life time, but
it's my dream and right now that is all I have.