The Eric Project
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2010-03-16 04:29:40 (UTC)

May Bird~3/15/2010

If you've ever read the May Bird series, you know of the
dark sea (or whatever it's called, it's been a while). if
you touch the water from this dark and looming sea, you
are automatically transported to the South Place (once
qagain or whatever it's called). once transported here, yu
are automatically locked up in the evil dudes jail. you
have to break out if you ever want to be free. This is
what my life has felt like for the last 8 years. When I
moved to Bastrop, there became (out of thin air I might
add) a looming darkness in the depths of my subconsious. I
feel as if I start slipping down into this darkness
sometimes. and, like the dark sea, this darkness pulls me
under. i start drowning in my own self-pitty and sorrow,
and i need someone to break me out. eric has broken me out
every time for the past 2 years. i dont know how i got
along without him before 6th grade, but i dont want to try
to figure it out. he is so amazing to me and i dont
deserve it hes finally broken me out for good. the
darkness no longer looms because now i realize that no
matter what happens and no matter how stupid and angry i
become, he will be there... no matter what. this
realization of true friendship has led me back to my
faith, and back to the happiness i used to feel. the
happiness i thought i would never feel again. thank you

i 3 you forever... as my best friend