Lady Sonshine

autism is my sunshine
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2010-03-16 03:56:07 (UTC)

trevor speaks pt 2.

Thats when it hit me this was not a random act.he was indeed communicateing.I was thrilled.After which I would hear short phrases repeated on his movies some random,but others pertained to the given situation.Example if he were hungry.he would find a clip in his movie that says.boy i'm starving and I in turn would give him food.Which as I thought more deeply upon it realized that meant he has every line in every movie we own memorized and knows how far in each line is that pertains to one of his boys a genius.I was emmensly happy.Then it happend the reason for all this typing,the journey to writing a childrens book.He began repeating clips of movies like"am I abnormal","whats wrong with me",are you a wierdo"and many more.I convinced myself it was random pickings knowing theres noway out of 100 movies filled with billions of words he just stumbled upon those over and over again.Then the revalation.I went to get him from school.first thing he did was hand me a book.I flipped it over and my heart broke.