Lady Sonshine

autism is my sunshine
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2010-03-16 03:44:01 (UTC)


trevor does things repetively.Especially when it comes to watching movies.I shouldn't say watching though.He just pushes buttons til' he finds something interesting or funny and begins to laugh hysterically and hits repeat over and over,like the energizer bunny,I know its cliche' but thats what its like.I always assumed it was random the parts of the movie he was repeating.but i now know he is trying to communicate.The first time he did this and I realized he was doing so with purpouse he had been very sick.I had sent him to school and he wasn't 100% yet but well enough to attend.I picked him up at days end.When we returned home I was on the couch and he came for a cuddle and had a book.I read the title.I am sick today.I read it to him.and went on w the day.The next morning I awakened him and he went and got the i am sick book gave it to me,then proceeded back to bed and pulled the blankets over hi head.This book talks about a boy who is sick,who says he will not get out of bed for anything or anyone that day

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