Lady Sonshine

autism is my sunshine
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2010-03-16 03:31:38 (UTC)

who is trevor ?continued

And no idea what his or our familys future might look like.They only knew that autism affects 1 in195.(5yrs ago)Today it is 1 in 110.That it is a neurological disorder that affects learning,sensory,and social capabilities.Not much to go on.Over time we heard of every cure all under the sun,but never was the answer for our prayers.Today at seven he is still mostly non verbal.Ocassionally we will hear a word or two.Not often enough.He keeps to himself and when he does come out its rarely to be social.Believe it or not I'm one of the lucky few.He loves cuddles and kisses.Most do not.Feel like Iwon the has come far in school.He understands small commands,writes hi name and reconizes small words,maybe mor but just no way of telling.He does not have friends that come to play with him like his sisters do.and I know that must hurt.H is still very dependent on mom and dad to feed,bathe,and,yes,change diapers.I never thought he understood everything we said or that he is different but recently let me know

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