Lady Sonshine

autism is my sunshine
2010-03-16 03:18:25 (UTC)

Who is Trevor?

Trevor is a beautiful,big blue eyed seven year old,who loves to be loved.At first glance he looks like a normal energetic boy.If you watch and listen a little longer you will begin to hear strange sounds that you cannot make out.He will begin to spin round and round.His hands will begin to flap rapidly,the noises being uttered from his mouth will become increasingly louder,and you'll begin to notice you're staring but are curious,is this boy mis-behaved or is something different.Suddenly all his movement and sound cease and the little boy disappears somewhere deep inside his mind and you know he is indeed different.You will either approach and ask or not or maybe you already know.If not,My precious child.The one I had so many dreams for has Autism.He was once normal with words and all.At one something came like a theif in the night and stole him from me.At two and a half we got the diagnosis.Severe Autism.Ripped my heart out.There was no medicine to make it disappear,no reason why it took my little boy.

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