Lady Sonshine

autism is my sunshine
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2010-03-16 03:04:13 (UTC)

The creative process of trevors story.

This is my very first journal entry.I call it journal,because I plan on not only useing it for my thoughts,feelings and going on's in my life.But for ideas for the childrens book I plan to write for my son and every child,disabled or not in the world.The children that feel diffrent whether it be a different ability or freckles and cricked teeth.To let them know thats what makes them unique.It's my goal,a pet project if you will.I have never written a book.I plan on letting my heart guide my mind and tell my hands what to type.Here is the history of my son and how the idea of this childrens book came to be,or in the making,on the next entry....

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