The Chronicles of Trouble
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2010-03-16 00:49:39 (UTC)

The Lost Boys

Work wasn't too bad at all because I worked with my good
friend and the new girl which is actually really cool
people. Her mother works there too so I had to cut back on
some of the things I was saying to her. Didn't want to
seem like THAT kind of girl to her. I mean, it's not like
it actually matters to me, but like I said before, she is
cool people and someone I wouldn't mind getting to know.
Not to mention that one of my other good friends was
working in the same area today and I absolutely LOVE
messing with him. He had given me a candy before I went on
break and after I got back and things slowed down a bit, I
walked up to him, put my hand into his shirt pocket and
pinched his nipple. It was fucking great because he got so
mad at me. I had a lot of fun at work today, even though I
really didn't want to be there seeing as I was really
Anyway, I think I am getting used to the idea of having
this "diary". It really does help even though I miss the
hell out of my old journal. I'd do anything to have it
back just long enough to print everything out. But I guess
it's out with the old and in with the new. I do need
someone to vent to but my best friend doesn't need any of
it seeing as she doesn't even know what is going on. No
point of even calling her up to share it with her because
she is literally on the other side of the country and the
time difference doesn't help so much either. But
regardless, just having this for now helps some. It just
sucks I cannot get any feedback or anything. Meeting any
cool people in this city isn't too easy. There are too
many fakes out here involved in drugs and whatnot. Just
not my thing.
So I am about to watch The Lost Boys with my husband
because he has NEVER seen it. Like, really? Yes. I
actually wanted to kick him when he said that but I
figured that it's better late than never, right?