Hot Mess xoxo
2010-03-15 16:22:59 (UTC)

Best Friend

Well, in a hour Virgina is coming over to spend the night
hopefully for 2 nights but we'll see. I haven't really been
thinking about Sam i guess this could be a good thing. My
horoscope is saying that i am going to forget about Sam and
then he is going to realize how much he likes me and it is
up to me to see if there is anything there. Hopefully there
is, that would be my second relationship in high school. My
first was a really nice guy but i didn't like him like that.
He ended up dumping me because he heard that i cheated on
him which i didn't i am not like that. I know what it feels
like to be cheated on and it SUCKS! I would cry myself to
sleep, but w.e that's the past and this is the present and i
am a completely different person from what i use to be. I am
independent and i can survive without a man. I can be happy
with just being the brides maid never the bride. I love
being single it is way better anyways. I don't ever have to
worry about flirting with other guys and i can do what ever
the heck i want and i can wear what i want without having to
have a fight with a guy :)