A double sided Life
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2010-03-15 04:24:52 (UTC)


I actually managed to get Sam back. But...she has done
something to herself. It makes me feel like an idiot to know
I wasn't there to help her. I worry about her quite a lot.
I'm...just really protective. She seems to like that though,
that I want her safe. I wouldn't be alive if she hasn't been
there for me so it must be my way of returning the favor. I
haven't exactly been there for her in a while though. The
only way she would talk to me about whatever she would be
going through is through text because she didn't want things
to be known. And of course I got grounded. It actually
surprises me that I can relate so closely to guys and girls
as well so closely. I'm always the "go to" person for
people. However that sometimes just causes my own problems.
There isn't much to write about today. Or maybe I just don't
want to write...