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2010-03-15 03:07:57 (UTC)

A Girls Dream

I miss you so much and you don’t even know,
What I’d give for you to take back the ending blow.
My heart is confused and my mind is lost,
To get you back would I pay the cost.

It’s a cat and mouse game what we have going on,
Sometimes I think all you do is con.
You get what you want no matter what,
You don’t even care who’s heart you cut.

I know its over and that way it should stay,
But no way can keep my heart away and at bay.
Its screaming and yelling too loud to ignore,
You don’t comprehend all the pain I did bore.

Its getting harder and I really do miss,
The man I fell for and gave my first kiss.
I loved him so much really and truly,
I didn’t know our love would be so unruly.

If offered my heart would you be a better man,
Would you be the man in my heart that I know you can.
Or is it the same and would it just be,
Yet another wasted opportunity.

You had my heart so many times in the past,
I was already ready for you to be my last.
To be the man that I finally gave myself to,
But I guess that wasn’t even good enough for you.

I did all you wanted and I changed a whole bunch,
But I’m not what you wanted and I’ve got a hunch.
That no matter what I do I wont be enough,
Why do you always have to act so tough.

Its me here your talking to not some random person,
I’m always just waiting for your moods to worsen.
You yell and you fight and you can be so cruel,
Yet I always come back like a lovesick fool.

Will I ever be enough or be what you want,
I know your response will be nonchalant.
You never show emotion I wonder if you care,
If you did I’d be enough for you there.

But I’m not and I guess I never will be,
Its me that you cant even really see.
I’ll miss you forever and my heart will scream,
And at least I know a girl can always dream.

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