The Chronicles of Trouble
2010-03-15 00:53:22 (UTC)

Honey Raspberry Ale

So the journal I had online for 4 years was taken down
and I have to say, I have never been so upset over
something so little. I mean, I'm talking about 4 years
worth of things that happened on a daily basis. During
that time, it was the hardest but I enjoyed looking back
on it and seeing how far I've come from those dark times.
I was planning on printing all of those entries out and
keeping them, just closing that journal for good and I
never had a chance to. I guess I just put it off for too
long so no one is to blame but me. Lesson learned though,
I suppose.
Anyway, I am sitting here in my living room watching Pulp
Fiction and drinking some beer. So tasty. I figured I
should just post my first entry even though I really have
nothing specific to talk about. I was looking around the
site and reading some others' writings but came across
none that sparked my interest. I, for one, enjoy meeting
new people and talking about the most random things. You
know, life, love, music, movies, etc. Also, I don't mind
people venting to me. I tend to be extremely optimistic
toward others because I cannot stand to see other people
sad or whatever. I like making people laugh or at least
take their mind off of whatever has been plaguing them...
wow, it seems like I was asked to say a little about me.
But in all seriousness, I just wanted to try this out to
see how far I will actually take it. To see how often I
will come in here and vent or whatever. I need to do so
every now and then anyway. My life isn't hectic, but Lord
knows it can be. Work isn't too bad, but yeah, those
females at work tend to talk too damned much. I wish they
could just keep my name out of their freakin' mouths, or
at least my husband's name.