My drama filled life as STACEY
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2010-03-15 00:52:46 (UTC)

This is what happenes when u don't really know te guy ur dating!!

Dear diary of drama,
Today my friend Rae and a guy named saquan are now goog out
how cute right!! I am so happy for tem they look so cute and inocent
together. But that's what I think until the the weekends came... Dun dun
DUNN!!!!! There is this one girl named Jennifer she is skinny short and
flat. I know it's mean to say that but that's what my friends say. Well
anyways Jennifer likes saquan and sequan wanted sex a he knew that he
wasn't going to get it from rae because they haven't even kissed yet and
plus Rae me deseree an marcedes aren't going to have sex till we are
married. So yea Jennifer asked sequan for hi number but he told rae that
it was a fake number but it wasn't so they talked and saturday came along
and they had sex at her house 3 TIMES that is so nasty my other best
friend chris is also friends and he said that she has sex with anyone who
wants it. So yea sequan had told Jennifer that he was drunk when Rae
asked him out and that she is very ugly. But get this tar didn't ask him out
he asked her out. So monday rolls around but we hear about this on
sunday so we are all mad. We saw sequan an Jennifer together holding
hands and quess what after their 3rd time of having sex they started to go
out. So we saw them and I went up to sequan and said what about Rae
and he just said "IDK" are u kidding me I was so mad that I called him a
cheating ass. I was pissed off that I didn't even think about what he could
of done to me because 2 months before that he choked a girl because
she slapped him what a phyco o my goodness he's crazy well anyways
he's also a drugy which means he likes to do drugs I thought to my self
"what the he'll is Rae thinking?" but she didn't know so thy screwed up
everything they should have talked more. Idk all this is a load of baloney.
If u know what I mean. Ttyl.
Stacey Palomera