Hot Mess xoxo
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2010-03-15 00:12:50 (UTC)

Number 1

Dear Hot Mess,

Well, this is my first entry. So i have to make it good.
Let's start with introducing the people in my life. I have 2
brothers an older one (Marcus) and a younger one (Nicholas)
I live with my mom and step dad (Kevin) my dad lives with my
little brother and his girlfriend (Kathy). I have learned to
deal with having more then one home. I have my best friend
in the whole world Virgina we have been best friends since i
was 3. I have my newer friend Kenika, my ex best friend now
just friend Draya. My crush Sam, really really HOT! I live
in Canada. I am in ninth grade and am really trying to
adjust. Sam is in Cuba so i don't have anyone to text. Kinda
boring. Virgina is coming over tomorrow for a sleep over. I
am going to my grandparents house in Brampton on Thursday.
That's how i am spending my March Break. Not really
exciting. Girls love to start drama about me and spread
things that aren't true, usually i would have a story to
tell right about now but i don't. Kinda sucks! My mom and
step dad went out to go see a movie so i am alone upstairs
while my brother plays video games. NERD! well, gonna go on
facebook and spend a boring night to myself. IF anything is
worth writing about I'll write again but i highly doubt that.