TwiggyTwatface's Dairy
2010-03-14 23:06:10 (UTC)

This Weekend

Im writing todays entry on behalf of my whole weekend.
this weekend has been amazing.

although Saturday the 13th was an eventful day.

Saturday 13th March 2010.

Today i awoke to find that my love would be an hour late,
this upset me a little, but i would wait forever for her. ♥

Later on Me and my best mate Lewis (also rythem guitarest
for our band) and comforted him in his time of need.

I would like to move onto talking about Sunday.

Sunday 14th March 2010.

Today has been next to perfect.

I went out today to see my darling Rio and cuddled up to
her in bed for hours on end today, until we arranged to go
to town for a while, but then we and two other friends were
accused of shoplifting from newlook. xD rofl!

moving on... we went back to my loves house where we
talked for hours about how much we loved each other until
eventually tears of happiness began to run from our eyes as
we gazed at one another holding each other. The night was
perfect, But could of been more than perfect if i did not
have to leave.♥

I love you Rio. ♥♥