life :p
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2010-03-14 19:27:36 (UTC)

startin new

life for is messed up and people are sometime mean depend
on the person i guest well u can have a chance to get to
know me like my personailty sorry if i spell things
wrong but thats just me .
my name is silly girl to you because i don't nwant to be
judged .
my age is 14 years young
i have a few friends but there never with me . my best
friend moved away to a plsce in ireland it's were i live
but it's far away . my life is messed up because i was
put into care when i was 7 years old but i'm back with
my pill popper hash smokin alcohoic mother . she is a
great parent and all but i don't have a clean home she
looks after me so little i cook for my sekf in my room
with a little oven because my oven is broke and i can't
get out my front door because the lock is stuck and i am
really depressed and i want to have a baby and i want to
be a assistant but i dont know what life is gonna be like
the next day and it scares me badley and i haven't had
boyfirend in two year and my little cusin has . i am
stressed to the max people are going to see a brand new
girl watch out world here comes sillygirl
the reason for the name is that my teachers that .
peace out hav

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