Crazy Life of a Girl
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2010-03-14 19:17:16 (UTC)

Some More Quotes I Like...

"Some will come and some will pass but the ones that mean
something will always last"

"Isnt it strange how love can be the happiest thing ever,
but can also cause the most pain? And yet, everyone keeps
searching for it"

"Best friends mean killing each other over abaf of chips
and in the end not say sorry but..."haha, too bad loser!"

"best friends....were the kind of peopl who laugh at a
joke 3 times....1. when its told....2. when someone
explains it to us...3. when we actually get it"

"when you trip ill laugh, and when u run into walls, ill
push u into another one, but when u cry ....u will always
have my shoulder to cry on, because were best friends

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