My So Called LIfe...
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2010-03-14 06:03:13 (UTC)

13 March 2010

Today sucked. It is my birthday once again. I hate
birthdays. It just means I am one year older and another
year has gone by where I dont have what I thought I always

I was a late bloomer when it comes to wanting to settle
down. I have always been very independent and even though
my past relationships have heading towards
marrige/kids/the life...I never wanted any of that. Until
I hit 30. Now where did all the good ones go??? I know I
am too picky and often write people off to quickly. Is it
so hard to get what I want? I dont want to settle for
whats just infront of me...I want to feel the right way
about someone.

Ohhhh another year.....I am sure I will be singing the
same pittiful song next year.

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