N C=Disaster
2010-03-14 04:17:38 (UTC)

To Silence A Broken Heart

Hard to love but harder to hate,
So confused I should berate.
Myself for daring to even think,
What would happen if we were to link.

Up again after all I’ve gone through,
Been through so much to get rid of you.
My friends would be pissed and I would be hurt,
If I let you back in would you treat me like dirt.

As you always do,
Or will it be something new.
I know the answer its in my heart,
I know that we cant ever even start.

You’ll never change I know the truth,
You’re a kid at heart and so uncouth.
You put yourself first and put me last,
Guess that’s why you should stay in my past.

Yet its hard to ignore the heart when its screaming,
Some days I think I must be dreaming.
How much I miss you and how much I care,
Neither of those things could even compare.

To the love in my heart that’s screaming so loud,
Sometimes I wish we weren’t so proud.
To admit our love and faults and dreams,
I feel my hearts coming undone at the seams.

Overflowing with pain and hurt and sorrow,
Just like yesterday today and tomorrow.
I’ll miss you forever first love of mine,
Wonder if in the end I‘ll ever be fine.

My heart longs for you to be by my side,
God its been so long since I have cried.
Over you I didn’t think it would happen right now,
This I shall make as my solemn vow.

To try harder and control my heart,
I guess its time for the saddest part.
Its like half of my soul has been shredded,
This is a day I had most dreaded.

Our hearts had once beat together,
But we couldn’t last in the stormy weather.
This pain I feel has left me broken,
Wish my heart had never spoken.