2010-03-14 00:26:04 (UTC)

3/12/2010 Friday

-got to office at 2:30pm. wei left with doors open and
fedex also already picked up all boxes. i had to go in to
take a look at the place and write email to Amy
-Vince msn me saying he will b done soon with last patient
-checked emails and found out i had to write checks. so
that i couldn't make the 4:30 gym class.
-wrote checks, V dropped off a rush order at Fedex, booked
massage for 7pm
-came home for him to change, went to gym for 40 mins
workout (saw Dana there working out too. v said she aged
fast--gave me a warning bell: partying too much does ages me
fast and can't depend on my look! have to use my look to
make $ and only $ is my best friend!)
-rushed to A perfect day spa. the massage was pretty
good--don't know since when did i start wanting massages :)
-after the relaxing massage, we went to Spice Town for
dinner like V planned. broiled fish was ok but haven't had
rice powder steamed pork baby rib for a long time and it was
very authentic! it would have been better if i ordered the
sour long string bean pork instead of the eggplant clay pot
-came back to room to relax. took a shower, had our
meeting, played my pet on fb. had 2nd meeting around 1:30
when i should b going home.
-bb bbm me asking when i get home, told him on way, then he
called when we just got into the car asking me to buy MD and
he was gonna get home before me. gave us a lil panics
there. found out i left the key in room so we turned back,
luckily had left a go out otft in room. changed and got the
key and bought MD and rushed home. also lucky i had a
explanation for driving my car!
-got home at 3 & watched tv, prob went to bed at 5am