My drama filled life as STACEY
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2010-03-13 21:57:17 (UTC)


Dear diary of drama,
Hi my name is Stacey Palomera and I go to Granada hills charter
high school. A lot of people think that it's hard to get into Granada and
that u have to be really smart to get it but really they just pick ur name out
of random. If this school was really for smart and well educated people
then some of the people I know wouldn't be doing the things they do.
People think that I can do anything because I got into Granada but
seriously I can't. When it really comes down to it I'm just a short helpless
lil freshman trying to survive in this school filled with tall people. O by the
way I'm 5'0 feet so u might read a lot of this that has to do with short
people. Let me tell you about the first day of school....wait no let's skip
that part because I pretty much just hung out by myself. Now I hang out
with pure black people witch is great because I would be the person I am
without them. There's my best friends Rae, marcades and deseree.
These are the main people I hang out with. besides them there are alot of
other people I talk to. Which I'll tell u about them later on. Anyways I met
my three besties on the 3rd week of school. . It was so funny because we
were all wearing purple. How weird huh. Did I tell u they ride my bus too
well Rae and deseree do marcedes rides a different bus because she
lives farther away. Let me just tell you that all four of us are like a puzzle
pieces u need all of us to figure out the puzzle. We are all very wild we
say things like "low key baby", "neckk", and other things like "hethen
scum" and "cuddy buddy". Know ou might my know what these things
mea. So let me tell u low key means keep it on the down low like don't tell
anyone and this ones my fav. Neckk means if u do or say something
stupid then u say neckk and smack the person on the back of the neck
and pull there skin on there neck. Haha it's funny. O and I can't really
explain hethan scum because it's something me and my friends call this
guy named Alan on our bus. Ok and cuddy buddy is just another name
for the guy u like. Well that's all for today ttyl... LOVE, STACEY