My First Diary
2010-03-13 21:11:13 (UTC)


today also i woke up late but today morning anu msged she
went to knr yest night 12.its nice that nothing happened to
her or else huh its so scary wat ever she is fine she must
be i went to spark for writing t-quiz the worst
quiz its not at all technical.then went to hostel saw race
to witch mountain and aarya 2 movie in sunil laptop.mumbai
indians won the match then came to room went online for delhi won i just saw it i havent watched the anu asked me to give her a title by a msg she
send me i wrote her like this

winner of heart since u r in my heart u r winner of heart
according to me,inner beauty ??? hmmm i think u r also beautiful
from inside so inner beauty,source of smile i donno how u
smile i forgot ur smile i want to see it once again,u r not
rude but some times ur rude do i dont give that,beautiful
soul i donno,humerous i think this word doesnt exist in any
,u r sensitive so sensitive,
ready to fight no,boss attitude may be having a little but i
dont give it to u.

not exactly but approximately she said i am winner of heart
swweet heart.and i saw fittting master movie its not
good,seetha ramula kalyanam in lanka this movie is oook.