Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-13 18:03:43 (UTC)

DAY 5 (March 12th)

Last night we had such a great time. Dinner was great,
converstion was good. We had a nice candlelight dinner. I
got to the apartment much earlier than he did so I decided
to surprise him. I set the candle lit dinner and prepared
the food and bought a nice bottle of wine. As we were
having dinner he looked at me in ways that he hasn't in
a long time. NO ARGUMENTS, NO DISSAGREMENTS for a change.
Just a nice time together.

We polished off the bottle of Ripasso Valpollicela wine I
brought and quickly started with the white wine. I'm not
sure just how much we drank but before I knew it we were
both a liitle tipsy, we were laughing and having fun.

After dinner I decided to help with the flyer for Taste
of.... after all that was supposed to be the main reason I
went over. when I finished we both sat on the couch and

We talked about so many things and he said that he loved
me. He hasn't said that to me in a long time. Things got
a little steammy after and ended up going to bed after
that. I had forgotten how much I miss sleeping next to
him. I love the way you can smell his cologne on the
pilliows and the sweetness of his embrace.

Woke up early and had to leave. As sson as he woke up he
called me to see where I was. I guess he was expecting
to see me there when he awoke. I spent the rest of the
day without callig him and extremely hung over but with a
smile on my face the whole time. I felt so happy that
even if just for a little while we caught a glimpse of who
we used to be. I saw the REAL him for the first time in a
while. We talked briefly in the evening and I was pretty
sure that I wasn't going to hear back from him for the
rest of the night. But he called me on his way home and
we talked for about 1 hour. He asked me to to the movies
and dinner. He wanted to go on Tuesday but I can't. I
suggested Sunday but he can't so we decided on WED. I
can't wait