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caitlyns dairy
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2010-03-13 12:55:01 (UTC)

the break up

My boyfriend broke up with me just because he told me that he
liked my friend and i thought that he liked her more and so i
kept on asking do you like Kellie and how much and he rated
her as a 2 but he rated me as a 5 and i know that he likes
her more cause my friend has told me and then i kept on asking
and then i told him that he is making it worse by being a
b**** but i didn't use that word and i told him that he was
making me feel worse by him asking me if we wanted to brake up
and i said you like Kellie more then me and he said no and
he said if thats who you feel then we should brake up and i
said lets just forget that any of this happened and he said no
way and then i said plzz and he said no and which that meant
it was over and he tried to say sorry but i told him that i
wasn't going to take his apology..