my life as shantay
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2010-03-13 05:04:41 (UTC)

major dejavu

Yesturday i went to the movies(at new rochelle) and on the
way i had a vision type thing that i saw michael hills in
an orange shirt at the game room part of the movies.So as
soon as i got there i saw him in an orange shirt no lie.So
he did something unbelievable as soon as he saw me,and he
did this because he knows that my mom doesnt like it when i
act mean to ppl.So this is there convo:MOM:hi michael
MICHAEL HILLS:hi ms. rollantz can shantay come with me on
that red roller coaster ride? MOM:sure honey i think u
should go with him ME:*whisper no**really talking* okay
mom fine i guess i have time MOM:great now u 2 run along
on the
That was the convo.Then when we got on
the ride hes started laughphing and forced a kiss on my
lips.I just played along like i liked it becaus i didnt
want anything bad to happen.But at the end of it all he
didnt do anything bad but force a kiss on me.Im just happy
that i survived it all.Also my mom had to pour ice down my
back again because i wouldnt get off the computer.But
anywayz im tired so catchya later!!!

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