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caitlyns dairy
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2010-03-13 03:15:26 (UTC)


Well this boy Chris asked me out and he was going out with
one of my old friends hanna and she told her friend sydney
that i am going out with chris and she said that i dont need
to be dating a black person cause it is whites arent suppose
to dates blacks and she said that she would never go out
with him just because he is black and she said that and i
was about to say are you racis cause i have a black uncle
and everything and i was offended by that and so he asked me
out and i said yes and so me and my old friend hanna were
standing at the top of my driveway and so she was like are
you still going out with chris i was like yea and so that
nite i went back to her house and then that morning i had to
leave cause hanna had to go somewhere and so she asked if
she could come over and i said idk i will have to ask and
she said hurry up and i said that i was talking to chris
and she said well just hurry and ask cause my dad is going
to bring me and i called her back and said that she could
and she wanted chris to come over nad all and i asked him
and he said that he couldnt cause he was going fishing and
she said hurry up and ask him i was like ok i already did
and he said no casue he was going fishing and so her dad
came and got us that morning and we went and got hardees and
that was like 2 days ago and then she said that if i was
still going out with chris and i said yes and then icame to
my friends and we had fun and we made something bout my old
friend and so we went to bed pretty early and so we woke up
at 1:09 and then we woke up at 6 : 00 and then my friend
wanted he boyfriend to come over and he came and we had so
much fun and then at like 8 : 41 my boyfriend chris he siad
and then i said hey and then i said what are you doing he
said nothin and i told him that i was frustrated and i
told him that i was thinking and he said bout what i said
about stuff evrything and that i was thinking bout my ex
boyfriend cause i really want to back out with him cause i
miss him and i said well he lives very far away and he said
well do you want to brake up and i said no i said that i
wouldnt talk bout it anymore or eveyagain and i said do you
like anybody else then me he said yes but the other girl who
he likes hates me and i was like why cause she said that he
was a cheater and that he was annoying and he was like i
dont want to brake up with you do you want to i said n o and
so i thought he was going to brake up with me and i just
got in my firends bed and i just started thinking cause i
was really sad cause i tohught that he wanted to brake up
with me and so i was just huffin and puffin and iwas like
i hope he doesnt brake up with me and i was so frusttrated
at the time and ijust cant stop thinking about it cause i
am afraid that he is still going for my old friend and i am
just hopin that he wont cause he is a good boyfriend he
really is and i am going to be very sad and mad that if he
brakes up with me for hanna cause she talks bout people
behinf there backs and thats my story for my dairy for
today. :( :(