Heaven after Hell house.

The rise and fall of Lexxy
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2010-03-13 00:09:02 (UTC)

march 14 2010

so chris and i are finaly together and he has moved out
with me to nc from reno nv...i think hes having a bit of a
hard time dealing with the home sickness...but i hope he
will be able to deal with it...im preying for him..we have
both been going to church and life seems to be straitening
out for us. he says he loves me but is not deeply in love
with me,, wich hurts alot to know but i guess honsesty is
the best thing. im deeply in love with him so i gues maybe
i smuther him too much at times. i trying to work on that
but its no pick nick. his mom is great, i love her and his
family rocks. my family adores him an get along fine with
him...other then that thers niot much els to tell
about..fill you in later...an yes i think it will work
out between us even if it takes time for the love to grow
from him so i cant complain. tata for now

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