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2010-03-12 22:25:26 (UTC)

Dreams of Giant Squid

Spring break's finally here, thank god. After three more
tests and a Calculus project today, I'm about ready to
die. But lunch made up for it, as usual. The Sociology
teacher was having a day where people could bring in their
video games and Super Smash Brothers Brawl
for an hour is definitely a good way to start off spring.

I am, however, rather disturbed about a dream I had last
night. If the title wasn't a good enough clue, the dream
involved squid. And my mother grounding me because I
didn't tell her I was going to be eaten by a giant squid
after school. I guess that sort of explains how I feel
about my mother, chastising me for what I feel is the most
absurd things.

Hawaii will either be hell or heaven, depending on how
well she's feeling. It's rather odd how my family's
evolved. Our happiness depends on hers. And dammit, I'd
like to be happy on my own initiative for once.

I'm going to miss my friends. I'm gonna miss my best
friend, my closest friend, my other friends, and Sam.
Definitely going to miss him.

I should take him out for ice cream sometime.

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