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2010-03-12 18:59:35 (UTC)

Thank god today is friday this..

Thank god today is friday this week felt extra long when i
get home hopefully something is gonna be happening. But im
also a little worried because one of my best friends who
recently when to to court for his case to decide how long
hed be sentenced for his charges told me the day he got
out which was like a week ago that he only has to serve 4
or 5 days
And just yesterday he called sayin that when he gets
out from serving those days there gonna decide if he gets
any more jail time so im praying that hes done with that
because he could be gone for a long time if they decide to
give him time so im keeping my fingers crossed and praying
that everything is gonna be good because the charges he
has are major charges and they can give anytime from up to
6 months

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