Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-11 23:35:43 (UTC)

DAY 4 ( March 11th)

I woke up earlier as usual and got dressed to go to the
gym. I was going to go straight to the condo to surprise
him earlier but decided to pass by and get an oil change
instead. The oil change took longer than I had expected
so I ended up getting to his (our) place at about 10am.
Is it weird that I still feel like it's our place? I
still have a key and I always let myself in. he doesn't
really seem to mind at all.

Anyway when I got there he was in bed looking at porn
online. Since when is he such a sexual deviant? he said
he was feeling horny. I guess I interrupted him because I
don't think he had an opportunity to finish off. He just
got up and went to the gym with me. We were only able to
work out for about 20 mins but I guess it's better than
nothing. While we were together He got a call from his
best friend and Real Estate Agent. The Condo finally
sold!!! he seemed to be excited about that and I pretended
that I was as well but I think it's sad. It just makes
our whole separation so much more real :(

While I was there we started talking about the women he's
been dating one of then is 50 yrs old ( that's too old for
him) he says he's only been out with her once " a classy
lady who looks great for her age" according to him but in
my opinion no matter how good you look at 50 you must
still have so serious wrinkles. The other apparently "
makes me laugh" "she's smart funny" of course she
is...... we all are at first. I'm sure the man I have
dated have thought the same and more about me in the first
few dates, after all that's not who people really are.
They say it takes at least 1 yr to really get to know the
real person. I suddenly don't feel as intimidated by
these women.

I'm going over for dinner at his ploace tonight, we'll
have dinner and watch a movie. I thought I would pass by
the LCBO and get some wine for us. My plan is to be cold
and keep it friendly even if he tries something I will
have to hold back. I'm really looking forward to spending
some quality time with him. I hope we can get through the
night without an argument.

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