Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-11 23:32:04 (UTC)

DAY 3 (March 10th)

DAY 3 (March 10th)
This morning I devated on weather I should just go to gym
without him or go upstairs and get him to go work out
together. then I decided that I am not going to let him
see just how much he hurt me. I will show him that I am
the BIGGER MAN. A classy lady so despite my best judgment
I went upstairs and we went to work out together. I was
very quiet , as the whole time I looked at him I felt sad,
knowing that this was the last thing we had in common, at
least for now. I went upstairs before him because I needed
to get ready for work. I saw his phone there and I
couldn't help myself. I checked it and there were text
messages from a woman " hey, what time are u coming, I
have food but no wine, didn't make it on time "The message
was sent at about 8:30 pm I thought the LCBO closed at
9pm so that's obviously BS but he just didn't catch on.
Then another message at about 1:30 am "hey, I'm home,
have a good night" I guess I can assume that he went over
but by the tone of the messages this is more than just a
little casual getting to know each other. I cried in the
shower and when he came upstairs and asked if I moved his
phone I lied, because I wanted to pretend that I didn't
care, meanwhile I was dying inside. As I was getting ready
to go to work, he looked at me and said " you're quiet" I
said " what do u mean" he said " you're just quiet and
that was it. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said
goodbye. It's almost 9pm and I haven't called him all
night. I'm not planning on it. I need to be strong I
hope I can do it.