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2010-03-11 23:26:50 (UTC)


You ever have one of those days where everything seems to
be an oxymoron?

For example, I go outside today, snow has completely
covered my car and front yard. Yet, strangely enough, I am
pleasantly warm. I am also wearing a T-shirt. (In the
middle of winter, yes, shoot me.)
And my lunch was quiet. That, in itself, was an oxymoron.
If anything, my lunch is NEVER quiet. Being surrounded by
between four and ten completely batshit insane crazy
people is enough to almost guarantee complete and total
noisy chaos.

I guess life's trying to throw me for a loop. Either that,
or my depression over Calculus is screwing the world
order. It'd be sort of funny if I somehow managed to screw
the world order. Everyone I know always says I'm going to
somehow do that eventually.

When I take over the world, the international drink of
choice will be Pepsi. Screw Coke. (Except for Cherry Coke,
which for some unexplainable reason, happens to be better
than Cherry Pepsi.) Regardless, Pepsi ftw.

One more day of torture...-sigh-

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