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2010-03-11 19:00:20 (UTC)

Another boring day in school i..

Another boring day in school i find my self constantly
looking at the clock anticipating for the dismissal bell
to ring so i can go outside and have some fun.Haha Its
funny how my life is completely different out of school so
much more happens.

I cant wait till spring break im sick of school
already and thank god the weather finally started changing
i was fed up with the cold and the snow. The first day of
spring break im going to a cousins sweet 16 party.

Hopefully get my permit soon and my parents let me
take the car out every now and then that would be wassup.
Things are getting alot better tho my uncle is getting
alot better and my friend who was suppose to get a couple
months ended up not having any probation and only 3 or 4
days which he ll serving this weekend