My First Diary
2010-03-11 15:49:04 (UTC)


oops yesterday i forgot to write dairy.night chandu
came.morning i woke at 10 and went to wonder
is i understood signals and shruti talked to
me not exactly actually she asked went to room and
again went to gadi chowk for paying net bill and again also
bought nail cutter and buyed lathi though i will not
study.went to hostel for sripal but sripal came to i played carrom well.asain i went to science
college for playing basketball.i played first time in my
life.i felt guilty while others are playing that i am simply
sitting.that small kid is playing well.let him play though i
may not play basketball i will play other games i
came room and chatted with anu alot today she is thinking to
buy a pc.she also called me bey.i feel pruthvi
phones display isnt working so i gave him my nokia n72 my
first phone.

i donno y all of i got a msg from anu saying that she is
angry with me and she doesnt want to talk to me first i took
it lite but wen i msged her the msg doesnt reach and phone
is unable to connect i feared a lot because i doesnt want
miss her again in my life so i msged and msged her and i
waited to hear from till 3 in the night i saw 3 idiots movie
not completely.