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2010-03-11 15:31:41 (UTC)

Lil wayne went to jail.

lil wayne was sentanced to 1 year in prison on gun
posession charges and drug charges. he was sospose to get
like 2 months ago but then he had to get dentel surgery
then there was a fire in the courthouse. then he finally
got sentaced 5 days ago. But i think he will still be
making music while he is in prison.

He will have to cut his dreds beacuse you cant
have dreds beacuae then he can hide stuff in his hair.
when he gets out he will make alot more music then when he
is in there. but hopefully he will be making alot when he
is in prison. he got some songs out right befor he went to

like drip and some other songs. i like how he did
that so aleast we can still hear his music. cant wait till
he gets out. still the best rapper in the game. emienem is
in second behide lil wayne

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