La Nena

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2010-03-10 23:53:06 (UTC)

My definition of L♥VE :

L♥VE is not real, its a confusion in your head making you
think you are actually in love but really it was tricking
you all along. Was it real or not??

L♥VE makes you weak, because you will do anything for that
person no matter who it will hurt in the end, making you
dangerous and you not even noticing.

L♥VE is a stupid and foolish thought. Making you waste
your time thinking about that one person all day, everyday ,
every minute of your life, and they might not be thinking of

L♥VE is confusing, not knowing what is real, what is not.
What will happen, what will not. You might be thinking one
way, but they may not.

L♥VE is terrifying, having unexpected things happen. You
think your good one minute and the next something comes to
the surface to make you think twice. Doubting everything.

L♥VE is an obsession over that one person. Where you can't
get enough of them. It's like an addiction where you want
more and more, as if it was a powerful drug.


L♥VE is believing that something that great and powerful
exists. That there's hope one day of you finding that one
true soulmate to be with you forever.

*it takes only one thought to change everything*