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2010-03-10 16:49:42 (UTC)

mike kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. (Click here for today's sports birthdays.)
His parents, Joe and Pam, already had two girls, Sharia
and Shaya. Kobe was their third and final child. Life in
the Bryant family was not your normal everyday existence.
Joe, a playground hoops legend from Philly’s John Bartram
High School, was in the midst of a scattershot pro
basketball career that took him to three different

“Jellybean Joe,” a 6-9 forward with the skills of a point
guard, never really found his place in the NBA. After
three stellar years at La Salle University, he was drafted
in 1975 by Golden State. When the Warriors refused his
contract demands, he was dealt to Philadelphia. From
there, Joe bounced from one team to another, appearing in
a total of 606 games for the 76ers, San Diego Clippers and
Houston Rockets and averaging 8.7 points along the way. He
also played professionally in Europe. Some say Joe Bryant
refused to go with the flow. Others insist he was a man
ahead of his time.

Pam was by Joe’s side for every stop of his career. He had
had his eye on her since childhood. Their grandparents
lived on the same block in Philadelphia, and they often
crossed paths during the 1960s. The pair rekindled their
relationship in college in the early 1970s and got married
soon after.