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2010-03-10 15:58:39 (UTC)


We went on a field trip to the airport it was fun we did
alot of things in the 2 hours i think. first we went to
vist the sicurity and the medel detector and showed what
not to take to the airport. not evan look alikes. and we
had to go throw the medel dector and they showed use what
they would do if they had it go off.

then we went on the model lounge it was huge and had huge
wheeles. we went in the fire station and got to go in the
trucks and see what they used in the fire trucks some
people got to put on the fire suit.

then we went to go vist a dog that smells drugs and stuff.
it can hind it evan if its hidden really well. it had a
squicky tenis ball that it likes and we got airport dog