Aaron Friedland

Aaron's Carbon Foot print
2010-03-10 05:38:52 (UTC)

Foot Print Day 6

Today was the last day i would spend in Montreal. I was unable to shower this
morning because there was the final meeting and again i had slept past my
alarm clock, and was rushing to make the meeting on time. Once the meeting
was adjourned we ate, after the meal many kids left there disposable crockery
on the table, i approached the kids who happened to be smaller then i was
and asked them if they would kindly remove there plates and cups and place
them into the recycling. Not only were the kids more then happy to do so, but
some of the younger ones took it quite seriously and went to their other
friends who were sitting at different tables and screamed at them to do the
same. This really inspired me, and showed me how one small action can really
create a chain reaction and help out. After the final part of the meeting had
concluded, i went to my bed and thought about what had just happened. It
occurred to me that the disposable crockery would have most likely ended in
the recycling anyways and by me asking these kids to help only helped the
employees of the hotel. Then i realized that what i originally thought was not
true, I had in some way inspired these kids to recycle and maybe they would
go home and fully forget about the incident, or maybe they would remember
and continue to not only recycle but inspire their friends to do the same.

Unfortunatly today was a difficult day to be enviromentally friendly. I first had
to shuttle bus to the airport and then i had to take a flight. Because i was
upset about taking a shuttle bus my goal was to fit as many people into the
bus so it would not have to make more then one trip. I asked the driver how
many the Bus could fit and he told me the maxium was 8. i told him there
were 10 of us and asked if there was anyways all of us could fit. The driver
told me all of us could come but our lugage would be left behind. I was
shocked, this entire trip every single plan i had made to be enviromentally
friendly and reduce my "foot print" had gone flawlessly. The final result was
two trips where required to make this possible. Once i was on the plane i
thought about how large the bus was and how poorly planned it had been, i
came up with my own idea to reduce the amount of gas used. My idea is
making a bus that has no room for lugage, instead its soul purpose is to fit
12-15 people inside, in a compact but comfortable manner. Then behind the
bus will be a trailer, this trailer will be equipped to carry 30 suitcases. This
means each person would be able to load 2 suitcases onto the trailer.

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