My Life
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2010-03-10 03:07:26 (UTC)


I started talking to Bradley about a month ago and we were
planning on dating but then Justin came into the picture
saying he liked me. I chose Bradley cause we were talking
longer and I didnt really know Justin that well. The next
morning I changed my mind and chose Justin and then
changed my mind later that day back to Bradley. I finally
decided on Justin cause he made me feel so much different
than Bradley. After telling them both I was extremely sad
that I had to leave Bradley behind. We still talked as
friends while I talked to Justin as in dating. The more I
talked to Bradley the more he made me feel just as good as
Justin did so I started dating him and completely stopped
talking to Justin. When Justin came back to school from
being suspended he acted like he was mad at me and I
believed him so I tried my hardest to become friends with
him again but nothing seemed to work. He wouldnt talk to
me in person and he was always around his friends so I
wrote him a letter telling him everything that I couldnt
say in person. That night he called me and we talked for
about an hour about everything and he told me he wasnt
really mad he was just pretending. The next day he winked
at me and blew me a kiss and just looking at him could
make me smile. They both asked me to prom and I have no
idea which one to go with. I fall for guys extremely too
easy and I fell for both of them. I dont know what to do
cause I love them both and dont want to be without either
of them. I guess time will tell which one to choose. For
now Ill date Bradley but who knows maybe later it could be