La Nena

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2010-03-10 02:41:11 (UTC)

The Beginning :

For years my father has been a drug addict. Using almost
everything in the book to taking drugs,except for meth, that
I know of. Back then before the drugs, he was a good father,
a loving husband, someone you could actually rely on. He
started because his mother gave him drugs to try when he was
a teenager. But it progressed over years in an addiction
that couldn't be stopped. I first found out when I was in
3rd grade. My mom who use to be a stay-at-home mother and
wife but she had to start working because my dad was losing
his jobs repeatedly for not showing up to work since he was
to fucked up or hungover from the last night. We were about
to lose the house so she had to start working to maintain
I always saw him look so different at times. A man that
didn't look like the father I knew who would bring us to
theme parks or buy us things. He told me "don't go in my
bathroom." but when he said it, it was like a threat, a
warning. So I was scared to go in there. He left to do god
knows what and I just stayed doing what I always did at that
time "watching my younger brothers." But one of my brothers
needed something in my moms bathroom.
I forgot all about my dad telling me not to go in, so i
unlocked my moms bathroom, and went inside. And there it
was: a square mirror on the bathroom counter with a small
straw and some powder on top of it. I looked at it for a
moment not really realizing what it was until it finally hit
me. My dad was doing cocaine!! The person who told me never
to drink or do drugs. And that creep was doing it!!
I heard the front door slam. "OMG he's here," was all
that was running through my head. I ran out there as fast as
I could, locked the door like it was, and locked myself in
my room. Thinking at any moment he would realize that I
found out what he was hiding in the bathroom. Thats when I
realized my dad wasn't the man I thought he was. He was a
filthy liar and I started to despise him.