Constant: continuing without pause
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2010-03-10 00:33:22 (UTC)

It'll always be eric, I just know.

Everytime we talk all I think of is how stupid i am for
trying to find a guy right now.
Eric is truly perfect to me, hes the only guy I can ever
think of and hes all I want.
Its a year, not horribly long.
I will wait for him.

Hes wanting to be with me too, I can read him so easily,
and everything he tells me is basically screaming "I NEED
I miss him so much.
I think about him every night as I fall asleep and every
morning when I wake.
Always wondering what he is doing and if hes thinking as
much about me as I am him, which he has told me he thinks
a lot about me.

I miss his smile, his touch, his laugh, the way hed put
his hand on my leg as we would ride together, his
kiss..god his kiss is perfect. We always bragged about our
amazing kiss only we could have.
I miss having him here, I miss how comfortable I was with
This will be hard, but Im so ready for him.

we talked about caleb the other night and he said "Rach,
we both know you dont want him, I know and you know"
And its true..I want eric..just eric.

Mormon is a hard thing for me to understand..I will NEVER
be one. Christian for life..although my life isnt a good
reflection. but I couldnt betray God that much.
If you are mormon, please take no offense...Its my
thought. I respect you.

I just miss life and I feel bad how much im hurting caleb
by messing with his head but my heads been confused too. I
need to let him know nothing will happen...its just too
difficult and hes truly not my type..plus im not looking
for love..ive already found it.

Ive found true love...and true love waits...at all cost

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