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2010-03-09 23:54:48 (UTC)

Starting the Fire

It's rather hard to write in a real diary, don't you
think? least it is for me. If only my handwriting
was better, eh?
So I decided to try this out, mainly for the purpose of
ranting. Ranting is always good for the self esteem, for
life, for anything really.

School seems to be getting more and more irksome. I really
don't think the school system has an iota of a clue as to
what they're doing. I don't think we've had a normal
Friday all year because of assemblies and stupid life
planning meetings with the local counselors.
Seriously. I can plan my own life.

And to top it off, I'm starting to get really fearful of
coming within an inch of someone. Not that I'm a
germaphobe or anything. It's just awkward getting close to
someone, you know? Never can tell if they're gay or not.
(Not that I'm a homophobe either, but I don't want to lead
a someone the wrong way. I did that with someone once, and
it wasn't pretty. Oy, not pretty at all.)

So...this was a rather pointless entry. Then again, when
does life ever have a point?

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