My First Diary
2010-03-09 22:41:49 (UTC)


Today i woke up early in the morning at 10.So i went to
college attended all periods.I dont understand y i would
like to look at shruti she look sexy,hot,little bit of
beautiful.Myself and shruti wore same colour of dresses.I
always think atleast once let her to see me i dont know y it
may be attraction.left college in eve.I got my msg bal in
airtel and bal in docomo.I came home at chapatis.I got
missed calls from amit singh so i phoned but he is in class
and later he phoned mme and said that there was volley ball
auditions for electronics team so i said to shashank pandey
that i am not interested.So me and pruthvi went to hostel.I
told about it to amit singh and went to room 39 and played
carroms i dono y i am unable to play once i used to good
with my father.After playing wentr to room 26 nd jus donne
nothing there returned to my room and went online i saw
paper today about oscars i donno y the film hurt locker got
that many awards so i kept it in torrents.and i talked to
parents i told dad and mom about vocational training.i said
them that i will buy a cooler for me only i feared of saying
i bought it already they said nothing so i will say about it
next time.ugadi is on 16 and mom and dad marriage day on
17,so i need to phone them then again i went onlinechatted
with satwik after long days the is studying manipal institue
of technology,thats great initially i havent believd.So
since i got msg balance i played with mahendar and arun
singh not saying me.THEN NOW I CHECKED MY MAIL AND
ORKUT,FACEBOOK.Now rajesh appeared online on skype i chatted
with him about norton and stumbled so i tried to sleep at
0030 but i was unable to get sleep so i started writing
diary at 4.let me see when iwill sleep.

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