mian sahab

Days and Nights in USA!
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2010-03-09 21:44:14 (UTC)

Youth leadership Summit!

I have qualified for YES youth leadrship summit in san
jose, California. Had a very good nite sleep after many
days.I hope it will be fun and i will be able to show some
confidence. I told
baba nad he he never seemed to be as happy as i was
expecting. Well thats alll Allah's karam no doubt that a
sinner like me is selected that is is a real miracle who
says miracles dont occur in this age. Alhamdulillah!!

Finals are going on and Mr. Grief is a great teacher he
saidi dont have to tkae the final:). i love american high
schools except for the Mr. Schultz class and a bit of
nudity. It used to turn me on in the start but its kindaa
normal nw i dont feel anything. I am also trying to write
about my experience here in USA. I am also trying top get
admission here in South Western Oregon Community college.
i miss my Mommy!!!:(