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2010-03-09 18:58:50 (UTC)

Today has been pretty chill..

Today has been pretty chill woke up had mickey ds for
breakfeast when i came to school i just did my work and
minded my own buisness. Today was also kinda exciting at
break after lunch in the gym that white kid ryan and a
short black kid got in a fight id say the black kid got
him in that one.

In my MID block it was straight i finished my work
listened to some music and towards the end of class fawad
and elijandro got in a haha wow this dude fawad suprise i
got respect for him because now i kno he isnt all talk he
told elijandro to stop saying a racist slurr and he didnt
listen and as soon as i turn my head i see fwad hit him
with a nice combo and then they just started tackling each
other but fwad definately won